Why Tile with Soil-Max® ?

The reasons to tile are numerous, but it ultimately increases yield and maximizes profit. A single up-front investment in a tile machine produces ripple-effect advantages for years to come. Tile plows manage field drainage and as a result, produce better soil aeration, stronger plants, and optimized growing conditions.

The Soil-Max®  Advantage

Soil-Max®  recognizes the vital importance of the laying drain tile. We pioneer durable tools that streamline the process while keeping investment costs manageable for farmers. Higher yields produce additional profit and ancillary expenses are reduced through savings in machinery wear and tear, erosion and runoff prevention, and lower crop drying costs.

The cost of the initial investment is more than recouped in a single year. Soil-Max®  makes affordable tiling possible. A single tiling plow investment can pay for itself with just 50 tiled acres and 3 days of work. The enhanced agricultural drainage system that is created expands profits and reduces expenses, producing great benefits for you, the landowner.

Typical installation costs for tile drainage on farms are primarily the contractor’s labor costs. Soil-Max believes that the tiling process should not be inaccessible or cost prohibitive for farmers. The Gold Digger®  tile plow attaches to any 130 horsepower tractor that you already own and training material on equipment usage is provided.

Our Soil-Max®  Gold Digger®  utilizes state of the art GPS and laser-equipment. This mapping software allows the GPS to interface with our predesigned systems showing tile size and grade. As you tile, each line is recorded and marked with GPS-referenced tile lines. An easily referenced catalog is produced that allows you to locate and identify those terrace lines in subsequent years.

The Ultimate Land Rental Tool

Soil-Max®  founder Denny Bell knows that the Gold Digger®  tile plow produces results too good to keep to himself. In addition to tiling his own land he also tiles rental farms, reaping the benefits of proper field drainage beyond his own property.

This is a model that begs to be recreated. Landowners rent their property to the most trustworthy and capable farmers who will produce the best return on their investment. Negotiation of a longer-term rental is possible and productive for both parties when the landowner pays for the tile in exchange for tiling services. Improved soil conditions and greater yield create mutual advantage.

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