Top 11 Yield Factors

As a farmer, your main concern is how to maximize crop yield while minimizing your own costs. Respected agronomist Mark Flock produced this list of top influencing factors from interviews with other leading agronomists.

The list ranks the factors in order of importance beginning with the most critical.

  1. Drainage: Managed field drainage to avoid soil moisture stress from either excessive or deficient moisture.
  2. Crop Variety: Planned variation to control disease resistance and root systems.
  3. Insect and Weed Problems: Managed, if existent.
  4. Crop Rotation: Harnessing synergistic factor advantages.
  5. Tillage: Maximizing yield as a result of type and timing.
  6. Compaction: Understanding individual crop sensitivity in relation to this factor.
  7. Planter Efficiency: Utilizing proper calibration and speed.
  8. pH: Avoiding extreme pH (<5.5, >7.3) in the soil.
  9. Herbicides: Controlling misapplication or drift.
  10. Subsoil Conditions: Proper cultivation and management of various types: acid, alkaline, clay layer, fragipan, etc.
  11. Fertility & Fertility Placement: Maintaining optimal planting conditions and practices.

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