Soil-Max® Shaper Pro

Hassle Free

Soil-Max Shaper Pro

Resize and Repurpose

Built from the ground up with one goal in mind the Shaper Pro will make quick work of soil heave or trenches left behind after tiling. With its one of a kind design, the Shaper Pro resizes and relocates tile heave right back over the center of your tile. Shapers Pro works on all soil types and even in tough grassy areas.

Design Benefits

Double Helix Rotating Blades & Fully Adjustable Backdoors

·         Double Helix Rotating Blades 

Our specially designed T1 steel blades not only resize but reposition chopped up soil right back over your tile. With 36 different blades spinning at 250 RPM large chunks of soil are chopped up and relocated in seconds. Every 3 sets of blades, starting from the outside, the blade angles change ensuring that the soil is being repositioned right where it needs to be.  With a 24” rotating diameter the Shaper Pro can take on all sizes of heave.

No longer worry about grassy areas that have been tiled. Shaper Pro’s double helix rotating blades easily chop right through the roots. Shaper Pro’s blades also sit right at ground level only chopping up the heave and not wasting any power trying to work the ground.

·         Fully Adjustable Backdoors

After the soil heave has been pulverized by the rotating blades the fully adjustable doors ensure that existing soil is right over your tile. With two cylinders controlling the blades, all adjustments can be made on the go from inside your tractor cab. This is important because tile heave changes depending on the depth of the tile, soil type, size of the tile, and even soil condition. Wet, dry, sandy, and clay soils can all be found in one tile run. With the fully adjustable doors, adjustments can easily be made on the go to work with all types of soil and soil conditions.   


·         Category 2 and Category 3 compatible

·         100 Hp 2:1 reduction gearbox

·         1000 RPM with 1-3/8-21 spline and 1-3/4-20 spline shafts

·         Heavy duty construction 2100 lbs!

·         36 T1 Steel blades arranged in a double helix

·         Abrasion Resistant Steel Sled Rails

·         #100 Chain that rides in an oil bath

·         L 67.5” x W 95.5” x H 44.75”

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