Our ground has a lot of seeps from the hillsides, Its a must to own a Soil-Max plow to take care of this type of ground.”

– Ralph Roberts, Versailles,IL

Great product, upgrade the land you got for a better return. Its a very good investment.”

– Mike Magee, Highland, IL

Amazed at how easy it is to pull, we are using a 8400 John deere, that tractor has plowed in a lot of tile”

– Jeff Welsh, Goodland IN

“We have put in around 900,000 feet of tile. When we tile a field the neighbors stop by and ask us to install tile for them. We originally purchased the plow just to do our own work but it has grown into more work than we can handle. The Soil-Max Gold Digger is the best investment we have made. P.S. It is also very good exercise for the three of us.””

– Alan McDonald, Steve Holt, Craig Stockdale, West Central Indiana

“The Gold Digger is one of few products I have purchased that will actually perform better than advertised.””

– Darrell Dunahee, Melvin, IL

"Tiling with a Gold Digger is the only practice that consistently raises yields. We tried fertility and everything else but when we started tiling yields really went up. We had the second highest yield in the state this year."”

– John Martin, Elkton, KY

"We are impressed with the ease of hookup to the tractor. The plow is strong enough to be pulled by two 4-wheel drive tractors when plowing 6 foot deep. For 25 years, we owned and operated a wheel tile machine and are very happy now with the Gold Digger’s performance.””

– Russell Henke, Edwardsville, IL