Jan 24 2018

Why Does T1 Steel Matter

Soil-Max GoldDigger Tile Plows utilize T1 (A514) steel in all high-stress parts.  T1 steel has a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 110-130 ksi.  Other tile plow manufacturers use A572 Grade 50 steel that only has a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 65 ksi. 

Simply put, if our competitors want to be as strong as a Soil-Max plow, they need to be about twice as thick and twice as heavy on the high-stress parts.  This lighter thinner design (along with our patented Zero Deflection designed shank) means the Soil-Max GoldDigger pulls easier than a competitive plow that uses twice as thick steel (and doesn’t have the patented design).


You may ask, “what is ‘ksi’ and what does it mean to me?”.  ‘ksi’ is an abbreviation that designates “thousands of pounds per square inch”.  Strength of steel can be expressed in several ways.  Make certain when you compare, you know what units are being used.  Common units are ksi, psi (pounds per square inch), and tsi (tons per square inch).  These units relate to each other in the following way….  1 tsi = 2 ksi = 2,000 psi.


Soil-Max is proud of the fact that we select components and materials based on engineering design principles.  Our engineers on staff use State of the Art tools to create and design products before they ever get mocked up in our fabrication area.  Our engineers understand the different Strength of Materials and design products using those values.  Soil-Max customers should be proud knowing they use the best-designed plow on the market