Apr 28 2015

The Next Generation of Plows The ZD 48

Soil-Max® has been at the forefront of tiling for many years.  Since 1997, Soil-Max has brought an economical and effective way of tiling to farmers.  The reputation of being a leader in sub-surface drainage is known throughout North America and it’s spreading internationally.  The Soil-Max name is an important symbol of value, quality, and reputation. 


Soil-Max is dedicated to making sub-surface irrigation and drainage a more affordable option for more producers.  Soil-Max is proud to introduce a new model to the Soil-Max Stealth ZD® family.  This new model will bring the ability to be used by a more wide range of producers.  It fits into vegetable, vineyard, forage, and pattern tiling operations, as well as the subsurface irrigation market.  Our new model uses the same Patented Zero Deflection Technology and aerodynamic design of the Stealth ZD plows.  The new model is designed to be pulled by tractors in the large utility class that are equipped with a CAT 2/CAT 3 narrow 3pt hitch.  It can install 2”-4” tile at a depth of up to 4 feet deep.  When you pair this technology with the Ag Leader® Intellislope® control system, you have a combination that can place tile when and where you want it.  


Our new model was introduced at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.  It will be on display at the Soil-Max Booth at the Farm Progress Show in Deacatur, IL.  Performance in trials have proven to be excellent.  Shipments are expected to begin in the summer of 2015.


Soil-Max is truly excited about bringing a new and innovative product to the market place.  Soil-Max was founded on the belief that everyone can tile.  With this release, we bring the opportunity for more people to economically tile with tractors they already own.  For more information please contact us at www.Soilmax.com or 1-888-764-5629.