The Beginning of a Company

In 1997, Denny Bell recognized a problem and seized an opportunity.

A seasoned farmer and experienced businessman, Denny owned Agri-Logic, the producer of Case and Ag Leader’s early yield mapping software. His business dealings allowed him to visit thousands of farms and interact with individual customers at trade shows. These discussions resulted in the discovery of a universal problem: agricultural water management. Farmers all recognized that proper field drainage was the only correlation that consistently impacted yields.

True, various types of farm drainage equipment existed on the market, but Denny wanted to create something better and more widely useful. He identified with the farmers’ need for a land improvement tool that was also cost effective and the Soil-Max Gold Digger was born.

Economical and Efficient

The Gold Digger tile plow allows farmers to harness the power of tools they already own to produce higher yield. While most tile plows on the market require specialized tractors to haul their excessive weight, the gold digger drainage plow, made of T1 steel, offers twice the strength with half the weight and is easily attached to a farmer’s existing tractor. 

The unique product design improved on existing drainage plows. It was unaffected by tractor variability and the Soil-Max Gold Digger grade control allows for consistency and integrity of tiling.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers often comment on how surprised they are that the Gold Digger plow is so easy to use and simultaneously, so effective. Within a couple days, farmers feel comfortable running the tile plow and excited that their investment will pay for itself within the year with dramatically higher yields. 


The Future

The benefits of the Soil-Max products have worldwide reach, revolutionizing surface drainage and land improvement management around the globe. They produce consistent and quality results on all soil types, making them invaluable tools for any farmer.

Soil-Max creator, Denny Bell, is also a customer. He continues to farm and tile his own land in western Indiana, harnessing the power and benefit of the Gold Digger tile plow. Denny also tiles many rental farms, having secured long-term farm rental contracts. As land and grain prices continue to rise, it is only becoming more imperative that farmers tile. Soil-Max wants to partner with you on how to raise yields, how to improve yields, and how to make a quality investment.

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